Thursday, March 10, 2011

My baby is ONE!!

Dear my sweet little mason,
I cannot even believe my eyes, you are One year old already! The last year has literally flown by for us and it has been the happiest most joyful and exciting time that your daddy and I have ever experienced. To say that having you gives our lives meaning and purpose is such an understatement. You are what drives us and motivates us each and every day to work hard, have fun, smile, love, laugh, and be a true family. We were not really a family until you came into our lives, we were just a loving couple waiting on our family to be complete! And now we are a family in every sense of the word! When I found out that God was going to bless us with you, I prayed every night for a happy, healthy, loving, funny, handsome, smart and sweet baby! And that is exactly what God gave me when he gave me you! You are the sweetest most loving person and your hugs and kisses fill my heart with a love I could never have imagined. You are happy, so very happy! You smile all the time, the sweetest, cutest, most silly little smile and it lights up the room and everyone around you, it is so contagious! You are friendly as can be and so funny! You are our "little ham" our "social butterfly" and you do not meet a stranger anywhere! Everywhere we go you smile and wave and say "hey", "hi" or "hello" to each and every person, you have a way of making people feel so special and you can command attention and a smile from every person we pass! People are always remarking on your friendly and charismatic personality! You are so very smart! You play with so many other kids and babies which is amazing for your age, you know so many words and phrases! The list includes: hello, hi, hey, bye, thank you, there you go, mama, dada, ling-ling, nana, mady, juice, bottle, go, dipe, etc
You understand so many things that we say to you and you follow our directions so well! You are attentive and listen and watch everything that goes on. You give kisses and say "Muah", you wave hello and bye, you pretend to talk on our phones and anything that resembles a phone, you are a confident walker and runner and have been for many months now. If we ask you what the chicken says you say "bahk, bahk", what the cow says you say "moo". You know where eyes, ears, nose and mouths are. You know where your feet are and what your socks and shoes are. You will give high fives, and point to things and call them by name. You love to play with other kids. You love to go outside! You love to sing and dance to music and love to watch musical shows on TV like "jacks big music show", "the fresh beat band" and "yo gabba gabba" you also enjoy other shows like "toot and puddle" and "olivia" and "sesame street". You still love cars and anything with wheels! You eat table foods and enjoy many of the foods that daddy and I eat for dinner. You love banana, blueberry waffles, and cheerios. You are drinking Cow's milk out of a sippy cup 4 times a day and eating 3 meals a day. You are very independent but still love to come and sit on my lap! You nap once or twice a day and go to bed around 8:00 or 8:30. You are not a morning person like momma! You are learning so many new things and saying new words every single day! You had your one year well visit and weighed 18 lbs and measured inches long. One of the most exciting changes this past year has been finding out that we are going to have another baby. You are going to be a big brother soon and I know you are going to teach your little sister so many things and love her so very much! You are such a sweet, kind, and loving person, so i know that your little sister will be well taken care of with you as her big brother. You are such a joy in our lives that I know having your baby sister will bring us just as much joy and love as you give us! I'm looking forward to having our family complete and I hope that you know how much we love you and how important you are to us! You are my world, you are so energetic and on the move all day! We spend all day playing, watching shows, dancing, and talking. You love to play with ling-ling and call her by name. You enjoy playing with your toys, mostly cars and musical toys, but you love to be played with, talked to, chased, play peak a boo or "where's mason". You love to listen to your daddy play the guitar and help him strum it. You sing along with your toys and hum the rhythms of the songs they play, you know the music by heart. If there is music playing you are bouncing up and down and moving your head to the beat. You like to pat the table, floor, or someones leg when you hear a rhythm and you are usually right on the beat! I do believe you have a gift for music and I cant wait to see where it takes you as you grow older! You are changing so much every single day, you are taller, you have lots of gorgeous hair that curls up in the back, especially when its wet, your personality has developed so much and you are so interactive and smart! I love your sweet cuddles that you always save for me even though you are a busy boy, and you light up when your daddy comes home and always make us both feel so special. You love to listen to other people and laugh at things they laugh at and smile and talk to them. You have such a bright and bubbly personality and it is contagious! People cant resist being happy when they are around you! I cant believe how quickly you have grown before my eyes, it makes me sad to think time has slipped by so quickly, but every moment of watching you grow and learn and change has given me so much happiness and has been so much fun! I am so glad that i have been there for every moment of it and there are just not words to express how special you are to us! I love you more than life itself and i never new love or happiness like this until i had you! This past year has been such a blessing and I thank God everyday for giving you to us to love and to have your love, and i pray for many more years filled with the same happiness, love, and joy that we have experienced this past year! You have taught me to love in a way that I never thought that i could and you showed me what it truly was to be a mother and to have a family! You are truly the light of my life and I am so proud of you and Cant wait to see what God has in store for you! I hope you never forget what you mean to us and just how important you are to us!