Monday, May 3, 2010

Outlet malls, Beach Music, and Great-great grannies

So It has been a busy weekend for the Greene family. We have had something going on every single day, but then again that's what the month of May brings!! Thursday my cousin Jill and i went to Gaffney SC to shop at the prime outlet mall, it was a lot of fun but it was one heck of a drive. It took me an hour to drive to fort mill to pick her and her little boy up and then it was another hour and 15 minutes to Gaffney. We had a great time though and did a lot of shopping!! I got mason some wonderful things from the children's place, carters, and a few other stores! some of his clothes i paid only 99 cents for!! You just can't beat that!! My cousin bought some really cute outfits for her baby girl who is due in September!! We had a great time and it was wonderful getting to shop and hangout with her!! Here is a picture of all the great things i bought Mason!

Saturday Mason and I went to a cookout at my brothers house to celebrate a birthday, and then walked down to the beach fest in Matthews park. My mom and my grandma sat with me and mason and we listened to the band of gold and then the drifters performed. It was great to be back around some shaggers and to enjoy some great shag music. Mason was so wonderfully behaved, he really seemed to enjoy the music and enjoyed being outside. He fell asleep in my arms about the time the drifters started so we didn't stay very late. It was masons very first concert, i really hope he learns to love music of all kinds, just like Landon and i do!

Sunday we went to Lancaster with my mom to visit my aunt and my cousin! It was a long trip but it was really great to see them and hangout with them, we don't get to do it often enough!

Today, Landon was home from work most of the day due to the rain, so we decided to re-arrange our bedroom furniture to give us more space in our room. I really don't think i like it this new way, i think i prefer it the way it was before because we seemed to have more space that way, but i would never tell Landon because he didn't really want to move it in the first place and it was so much work to move everything, i know he would kill me if i asked him to move it all back like it was. so i think i am going to try to grin and bear it for a few months then try to coax him into moving it back after a bit! But one nice perk is that we now have the bigger TV set up in our room (we have to get a longer cable cord to hook it up) and we will now be able to watch DVDs and VHS and cable TV in our bedroom!

After we finished tearing our room apart, we went to landon's grandparents on his dad's side of the family! Mason got to visit his great grandma and great grandpa Greene and his Great-Great Granny Blanche who is about 96 yrs old, she was in town and this was the first time she got to see Mason! He was such a little charmer and would smile and laugh at his great grandparents, he was so sweet and they all just loved him up!! While we were there, they took a five generations picture to put in the newspaper! I was happy to have some pictures taken of Mason and his great-great Granny! It was such a special day and I'm so glad that Mason had the chance to meet his great-great granny and for her to get to meet him!! Each day is so precious and you never know how long your loved ones will be here with you, so am so glad we got to spend the day with our wonderful family!! I really married into a wonderful family, Landon has amazing grandparents on both sides!! Here is a pic of the 5 generations!!

After getting back home, we went and bought some daily devotional books, because i have really been wanting to make time everyday with my bible, and i felt like a daily devotional book would be a great way to dig a little deeper into the word of God, and make time for it each day!! I am looking forward to starting tomorrow morning, and i will update later with details about my new books. We also went to three different stores looking for new sheets for our bed, and We finally found some500 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets at Marshalls (i love Marshalls) and they are in the dryer as i type this, i am waiting on them to dry and my brownies to finish baking, so that landon and i can curl up in our re-arranged bed with our new clean sheets, and eat our warm yummmy brownies, while watching our "new" TV. Sounds like a perfect night!! I hope everyone else had as wonderful of a weekend as I did!!