Saturday, February 4, 2012

Time flies when you're having fun!

Wow! What can I say... I am beyond shocked that is has been a year since I lasted updated my blog and posted about our crazy life with two under two! I am ashamed of myself for not posting monthly updates on Mason's past year, and even further ashamed of myself for not having written a single post about my precious little Lily who made her arrival 6 months ago! What can I say?.... Life is beyond hectic with two little love bugs in the mix and I've been busy living it! The two of them are the most amazing gifts I've ever been blessed enough to enjoy and experience, they truly mean the world to me and I want to remember all the tiny details that make each of them so special and unique but they are changing and growing everyday and I just can't keep up, I know my memory will fail me one day and I won't be able to recall all the special moments that we've shared together! But I am determined to not let another year of fantastic changes, adventures, suprises, discoveries, and amazing memories slip by without keeping track of it here for myself, my family, my friends, and especially for my kids to be able to look back on and remember so fondly! Tomorrow will be my first official update on all that has happend in the last year, and then I will post an update about Mason's 2nd birthday and all the wonderful things that have come with turning 2! I will also post about Lily's arrival and the amazing things that have been going on with her for the last 6 months! I'm looking forward to getting back on track with this blog and leaving a little path behind so we can take a walk down memory lane anytime we get the urge as well as having an outlet to share all the crazy, sweet, hectic, emotional, tender, funny, gut wrenching moments that make this Our Life with Masey MaGoo and Little Lily Boo too!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My baby is ONE!!

Dear my sweet little mason,
I cannot even believe my eyes, you are One year old already! The last year has literally flown by for us and it has been the happiest most joyful and exciting time that your daddy and I have ever experienced. To say that having you gives our lives meaning and purpose is such an understatement. You are what drives us and motivates us each and every day to work hard, have fun, smile, love, laugh, and be a true family. We were not really a family until you came into our lives, we were just a loving couple waiting on our family to be complete! And now we are a family in every sense of the word! When I found out that God was going to bless us with you, I prayed every night for a happy, healthy, loving, funny, handsome, smart and sweet baby! And that is exactly what God gave me when he gave me you! You are the sweetest most loving person and your hugs and kisses fill my heart with a love I could never have imagined. You are happy, so very happy! You smile all the time, the sweetest, cutest, most silly little smile and it lights up the room and everyone around you, it is so contagious! You are friendly as can be and so funny! You are our "little ham" our "social butterfly" and you do not meet a stranger anywhere! Everywhere we go you smile and wave and say "hey", "hi" or "hello" to each and every person, you have a way of making people feel so special and you can command attention and a smile from every person we pass! People are always remarking on your friendly and charismatic personality! You are so very smart! You play with so many other kids and babies which is amazing for your age, you know so many words and phrases! The list includes: hello, hi, hey, bye, thank you, there you go, mama, dada, ling-ling, nana, mady, juice, bottle, go, dipe, etc
You understand so many things that we say to you and you follow our directions so well! You are attentive and listen and watch everything that goes on. You give kisses and say "Muah", you wave hello and bye, you pretend to talk on our phones and anything that resembles a phone, you are a confident walker and runner and have been for many months now. If we ask you what the chicken says you say "bahk, bahk", what the cow says you say "moo". You know where eyes, ears, nose and mouths are. You know where your feet are and what your socks and shoes are. You will give high fives, and point to things and call them by name. You love to play with other kids. You love to go outside! You love to sing and dance to music and love to watch musical shows on TV like "jacks big music show", "the fresh beat band" and "yo gabba gabba" you also enjoy other shows like "toot and puddle" and "olivia" and "sesame street". You still love cars and anything with wheels! You eat table foods and enjoy many of the foods that daddy and I eat for dinner. You love banana, blueberry waffles, and cheerios. You are drinking Cow's milk out of a sippy cup 4 times a day and eating 3 meals a day. You are very independent but still love to come and sit on my lap! You nap once or twice a day and go to bed around 8:00 or 8:30. You are not a morning person like momma! You are learning so many new things and saying new words every single day! You had your one year well visit and weighed 18 lbs and measured inches long. One of the most exciting changes this past year has been finding out that we are going to have another baby. You are going to be a big brother soon and I know you are going to teach your little sister so many things and love her so very much! You are such a sweet, kind, and loving person, so i know that your little sister will be well taken care of with you as her big brother. You are such a joy in our lives that I know having your baby sister will bring us just as much joy and love as you give us! I'm looking forward to having our family complete and I hope that you know how much we love you and how important you are to us! You are my world, you are so energetic and on the move all day! We spend all day playing, watching shows, dancing, and talking. You love to play with ling-ling and call her by name. You enjoy playing with your toys, mostly cars and musical toys, but you love to be played with, talked to, chased, play peak a boo or "where's mason". You love to listen to your daddy play the guitar and help him strum it. You sing along with your toys and hum the rhythms of the songs they play, you know the music by heart. If there is music playing you are bouncing up and down and moving your head to the beat. You like to pat the table, floor, or someones leg when you hear a rhythm and you are usually right on the beat! I do believe you have a gift for music and I cant wait to see where it takes you as you grow older! You are changing so much every single day, you are taller, you have lots of gorgeous hair that curls up in the back, especially when its wet, your personality has developed so much and you are so interactive and smart! I love your sweet cuddles that you always save for me even though you are a busy boy, and you light up when your daddy comes home and always make us both feel so special. You love to listen to other people and laugh at things they laugh at and smile and talk to them. You have such a bright and bubbly personality and it is contagious! People cant resist being happy when they are around you! I cant believe how quickly you have grown before my eyes, it makes me sad to think time has slipped by so quickly, but every moment of watching you grow and learn and change has given me so much happiness and has been so much fun! I am so glad that i have been there for every moment of it and there are just not words to express how special you are to us! I love you more than life itself and i never new love or happiness like this until i had you! This past year has been such a blessing and I thank God everyday for giving you to us to love and to have your love, and i pray for many more years filled with the same happiness, love, and joy that we have experienced this past year! You have taught me to love in a way that I never thought that i could and you showed me what it truly was to be a mother and to have a family! You are truly the light of my life and I am so proud of you and Cant wait to see what God has in store for you! I hope you never forget what you mean to us and just how important you are to us!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A December to Remember!

This December was truly amazing! It was our first Holiday season with our sweet boy and it all started after our wonderful thanksgiving when we put up our Christmas tree. I must admit I was a little hesitant about putting up our tree with our glass ornaments on our tile floor with a newly walking 11 month old, but i was so surprised by how great Mason was with the tree. We put out all our decorations while he was sleeping and the next morning when he woke up, i carried him into the living room and he was awe struck by the lighted Christmas tree. I was smart enough to put the less breakable ornaments on the bottom but Mason was so gentle with the tree. All month he has loved the tree, he waves at it, he sits next to it and stares, he touches the branches gently, he lightly touches the ornaments with his finger tips. He even tries his best to say the word tree, he says "eee". If you ask him where the tree is, he will walk over to it. I hate that we are going to have to pack it up, I'm afraid it will be disappointing to him. The one thing that we unfortunately cannot pack away and clear out of our living room is all the toys mason got for Christmas. On Christmas eve we went Landon's parents house in the afternoon and exchanged our gifts with them. Mason got a light up drum, two books, a megablocks boat, a music cube, and a toy tractor. Later we all headed to Landon's grandmother Hinson's house where Mason enjoyed playing with all of his cousins and we were excited to announce our family news. Mason enjoyed his new toy truck, race car, turtle toy, and new outfit. He loved being around all of the other kids and was so excited at everything that was going on. After a great night of wonderful family, food, and fun, we went home and put Mason to bed on his very first Christmas Eve! The next morning we woke up, Mason enjoyed his bottle on his bean bag and Landon and I enjoyed a cup of coffee. My mom came down the hill to our house and we opened our Christmas gifts. Mason had little interest in opening his gifts on his own, so Ling-Ling jumped right in and helped tear in to his gifts. He got a push cart, a monster puzzle, a pair of pj's, a tractor ride toy, some bath boats, train cars, stacking cups, and a play tent. Landon surprised me with a new ipod and a few weeks earlier i surprised him with a new salt water fish (a lunar wrasse) for our aquarium. After a few hours of playing, eating breakfast, and cooking our dishes for lunch at my moms, we got ready and went to my moms house for Christmas with my family. My brother and his wife and two girls came over and we had a delicious lunch and then opened gifts. Mason got an alligator piano, an Eeyore stuffed animal, a Monica the moo cow lawn mower, some clothes, and some cute little stocking stuffers. He got an adorable pair of toy story pj's from his cousins. Later that day we went to Landon's Grandparents on his dads side, the Greenes. They had music and food at the fellowship hall near their house and when we got there Landon jumped right in with his guitar and played hours of bluegrass while Mason and i visited, played, open presents, ate yummy food, danced to the music and played some more. Mason had such a big time walking around and being the center of attention, waving and smiling and being so adorably cute!! He loved the music so much and would wave at his daddy and walk over to his daddy while he was playing, he would try to touch his daddy's guitar and at one point even turned his papaws bass guitar off while he was playing. He loved bopping and dancing to the music and when the music would change to a fast paced song Mason would just about burst with excitement, clapping his hands and waving his arms around in excitement. He had a great time seeing everyone, being some place new and opening his gifts. He got so many neat toys like a set of weebles with a merry-g0-round, a sing-a-ma-jig doll, a jack in the box, a drum pad, a pillow pet puppy, a shape sorter toy, and a clock toy. He had such a great time playing with all of his new toys and was entertained for hours with them. He also loved playing with his cousin Carson who was there, and they had a lot of fun together. We also got to share our exciting announcement with Landon's family as well (more on the exciting news in an upcoming post). It was a long two days of Christmas celebrations but we enjoyed every minute of it!! And I'm really looking forward to next Christmas when Mason will hopefully get the hang of opening his own gifts!! Now we just have a couple of weeks till mason's first birthday!! I can't even believe he will be turning ONE! This year has flown by in a flash, and has been the happiest and most exciting and joyful year of my life!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mason's 11 month update a little late!

I'm a little behind on mason's 11 month update but there are just so many new things happening in our lives. In the last month Mason has become a confident well balanced walker! He walks EVERYWHERE all the time now and rarely crawls. He got his first pair of real walking shoes this month from stride rite, they are so adorable and stay on his feet well. He has also learned to stand up on his own without pulling up on anything. He is speaking some new words, the newest is "ahh-ohh" he says it everytime he drops something on the floor. Here is his current list: mama, daddy (no longer Dada), nah-nah (my mom), hey, bye, hi, eee (tree), baba, Go, and something that sounds like no-no but he says it more like (neh-neh). He waves all the time now and especially if someone says hello or bye-bye he waves. He shakes his little head side to side like he's saying no but he doesn't actually mean no, he just thinks it's cute. If you ask mason where his tongue is he will stick it out at you and if you ask where his paci goes he will stick his tongue out. He also likes to scrunch his nose up and snort at you, it looks so mean but he knows it is funny and loves to do it for attention. He loves music and likes to dance and bounce up and down when he hears any kind of rhythm. He also loves to try to sing a long with songs and will humm and make little noises that mimic the sounds. Mason has two new teeth coming in on the top next to his two front teeth. He really understands so many words and things that we say and do. If you ask him where the fish are he will look at the fish tank then walk over to it and wave at the fish. If you ask him where the Christmas tree is or where ling ling is, he will look at it or walk to it. He is eating so many new table foods, lately he loves his organic cereal/nutrigrain bars and cheerios with a fruit puree for breakfast, he has 4 bottles a day with 6 oz formula and an ounce or two of regular organic whole milk to transition him from soy, for dinner he has two vegetables and some of our dinner. He also has cereal for snacks during the day and eats a lot of things that we eat now too! He is drinking out of sippy cups with no problem other than he is a little messy with them compared to bottles, so we are still giving him his milk in bottles sometimes too. His favorite toys are still any type of cars or trucks, he loves pushing them around the house and he loves the wheels. He naps once in the morning and once in the afternoon on days that we are home. He likes to have his paci for his naps and he likes to have his glow seahorse on and his light up elephant on while he naps. we have to run two fans during nap time and bedtime because he is still a very light sleeper. He goes to bed around 8:30 and wakes around 8 am if nothing wakes him up earlier, occasionally he will sleep till 9 or 9:30 am. He is still wearing 9 month pants in the waist but needs 12 month length. My best guess is he weighs about 20 lbs. He is quickly outgrowing his rear facing car seat because his legs are so long. He loves to watch "Olivia", "toot and puddle", "the fresh beat band", and "Mrs. spiders sunny patch". Mason loves to play in the mirror, he likes to explore the house and he now will walk to his room, open the gate, and go into his room and play, then open the gate and come back out. He is such a happy little guy and everywhere we go people remark how happy he is, and they are so right. Mason is so very friendly to everyone he meets, he smiles and waves at people in stores and places we go, he makes everyone feel so special and when they talk to him he just lights up and gets so excited he kicks his legs and waves his little arms in the air in excitement. He is so delightful to be around and has such a great personality.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Town USA

Being Mason's first Christmas Season, I've been so excited to create our own new traditions this year that we can enjoy as a family for years to come. One thing I had been hoping to do this year was for Landon and I to take Mason to Mcadenville (Christmas Town USA) to see the beautiful lights. Landon had never been and it has been many years since I last visited Mcadenville at Christmas time. After begging Landon for weeks to go, our good friends, Maclaren and Erica, invited us to go along with them on Tuesday night and I was thrilled. It was really so much fun to go along with them and their sweet little girl Riley. I got such a kick out of watching Mason and Riley riding in their little car seats side by side and looking in amazement at the beautiful lights and houses! They are just too cute together, I hope they will grow to be great friends as they get older! We had such a wonderful time and it was so nice to get to spend it with our good friends! Mason has really enjoyed all the beautiful lights, trees, and decorations that we've seen this Christmas season!! It is so great to see the excitement and joy through his eyes, he finds beauty and excitement in the smallest details, things I hardly even notice immediately catch his eye and he is completely fascinated!
We took our Christmas photos with our great photographer friend Kim last Friday and we got to see a sneak peak at 2 of our photos so here they are! Unfortunately Landon couldn't be there for our Christmas pics so I still have to figure out what to do about a family pic for our Christmas cards, which I need to get ordered soon, but i am waiting on the rest of our Christmas pics before i decide on anything! And last Saturday we took Mason to see Santa Claus for the first time. We went to the mall to see him and waited in line for nearly 2 hours, it was ridiculous and Mason was totally over it by the time we got up there to see Santa. He waved in delight and was smiling and happy, he didn't even mind Santa holding him, until i walked away for them to take his picture. As i turned my back to him, he totally freaked and started crying, I quickly took him his paci and everything seemed all better but unfortunately his little eyes were still red in the picture and the ugly paci was in the pics too. We also got a group shot of him with his cousins Madison and Molly! I leave you with the pics!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Last week we celebrated our first thanksgiving as a family!
The night before mason decided to show his daddy and i his amazing walking skills
we were impressed
we were extremely impressed
he went from being a little boy who would take a few wobbly steps here or there
to being a little boy who was brave and walking back and forth from mom to dad on his own
he was so proud
we were so very proud
it was amazing and i was thankful for that moment
as long as i live i will never forget that moment and i don't think Landon will either
it was perfect.
mason was perfect.
Speaking of perfect, Mason's first thanksgiving was pretty close to it
Mason loved it, he loved seeing his cousins and getting to play.
He loved going to his grandma Lisa's house to eat,
he loved visiting and showing off for his Aunt and Uncle and his great grandmother Stegall.
he loved eating mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, broccoli cheese casserole, and cream corn
he loved exploring the house, walking from table to table, person to person
not one nap was had the entire day
we also ventured on to visit his great grandma & great grandpa Greene's for dinner
we enjoyed having them all to ourselves since everyone was else was out of town this year
yep, you heard correctly
Masons grandparents randy and Annette were at the beach with his great grandma Hinson,
uncle Ben was in Florida with his band,
Tammy, Bob, Carson, Wayne, and Mandy were in the mountains on vacation
But we did get to see aunt Beth
Aunt Beth has been gone out of state for her FBI training
but she was back in town for the holiday
and just as we were getting ready to go home
she came over to great grandma and grandpa Greene's
she came over just to see little mason
she played on the floor with him
they laughed and crawled and played hide and seek
she tickled him and talked to him
and he ate it up
he loved every second of the attention
i see them having a lot of fun together in the future
then after a long day of food, laughter, smiles, and lots of talking
we finally made our way home
home to bed,
well mason and daddy went to bed
momma and grandma Lisa went shopping
yep, we were out from 10 pm to 5 am
we tried to snag us some great Christmas deals
it was exhausting.
but we had a great thanksgiving weekend
there were lots of surprises (more on that another time)
there was lots of food
and there was a whole lot to be thankful for this thanksgiving
like all the holidays we have had this year
all of which are masons first
i find myself lost in thought
thoughts of last year
last year before mason was here with us
i think of how different things are
and how much has changed
and thinking of the changes makes me look ahead
i find myself thinking about next year
and all the changes that life has in store for us.
I wonder what our thanksgiving will be like next year
it's hard to imagine my baby boy growing up
i can really only picture him the way he is now
but i know next year i will be looking back wondering where the time went.
and marveling at how much he has grown and how different things are after just one year!
We are really looking forward to masons first Christmas
followed soon after by his first birthday
but i am trying not to get ahead of myself
I'm maybe even dragging my heels a little
in hopes of holding on a little longer
slowing down time just a little
I'm trying to enjoy this moment
this Christmas season
this special time with my little boy and my wonderful husband!
life is wonderful right now, I'm truly at a happy place
and even though there are always improvements that can be made
i am blissfully in love with my darling son and my amazing husband!
God has truly blessed us and we are so thankful!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

10 month update

10 month old Mason is keeping Landon and I on our toes every minute. He is doing so many new things these days and is busting with personality and charisma! Mason has totally mastered waving and for the last several weeks he is constantly waving at everyone and everything. He will wave at most anyone and even wave at buildings, lights, figurines, the TV, and anything else that looks interesting. He will still occasionally say bye-bye and it has gotten very clear and understandable, it's so adorable to hear his sweet little voice! In addition to mam, dada. gaga, and geh he has started saying "hey" (it's his own little version of hey, but Landon and i know that is what he is saying because he will say it back to you when you say hey and he will say it while waving. He has also learned to turn his wave into a knock. And he loves to knock on his toys, walls, windows doors, and even other kids and people. Yes, Mason crawled right up to one of his favorite story time pals at the library and waved at him then knocked on his head a couple times. It was one of the funniest things and all i could do was apologize to the boys mom, but she thought it was humorous too!! Mason has really turned into quite a character lately, well he has always been a character but his personality is really coming into his own as of late. He really loves to be around other people and truly lights up with the most magnificent smile when someone pays him attention. He is such a delightful little fella and just truly the happiest baby you will ever meet! Mason is getting so close to walking, everyday he takes a few steps on his own and Landon and i are on the edge of our seats waiting for him to take off on his own. He will walk all over the house holding onto one of our fingers and loves to push his pushcart all over the house but he often runs into the furniture and the walls and docent know how to get around it so he will just plop down and play with the wheels. He LOVES wheels!! He seems to know what trucks are and he will turn over anything that has wheels on it and spin the wheels. He still LOVES his sesame street table and will bang on it while watching TV. He tries to mimic the "la,la,la-lala-lahhh" and has also started mimicking a lot of the words and sounds that Landon and i say. He seems to really understand a lot of things we tell him or say to him. He also likes to "sing along" while you sing. And just today i caught him wiggling and bouncing while the "toot & puddle" song came on, it was so adorable and my heart melted to see him wiggle his little booty. I hope that he will have a love for music and dancing, like his dad and I! He is eating a lot more table foods, he can eat cheerios, chopped spaghetti, little pieces of ground beef or turkey, mashed potatoes, soft cooked veggies like pieces of cooked carrots and peas, he can eat rice and loves to have anything we will give him off of our plates while we are eating. he can feed his self a lot of things that you put on his tray for him to pick up. He really enjoys feeding himself and loves to eat his food at the table along with everyone else. He is also drinking nearly all of his formula out of his sippy cups. He LOVES his bath time and we have a lot of fun at bath time now because he is big enough to sit up in his tub and play and splash with his toys. Landon and I both love to sit and watch him play during his bath time and he is always in such a great mood after his baths! At his last Doctors visited he weighed a little over 19 lbs. He is going to bed around 8pm and loves getting his teeth brushed before bed, he has to have his glow worm or light-up elephant to get to sleep at night time and nap time. I have been sneaking into his room occasionally to see him sleeping with his face down, knees tucked under, rump in the air and head under the blanket. When you see how he sleeps in his crib it is the most adorable thing. He wakes on his own somewhere between 6:30 and 9:00 with no explanation for the 2 and a half hour difference. i love the 9 am mornings and hate the 6:30 mornings. he loves to play with Ling and will grab up one of her toys and tug back and forth with her while giggling the whole time. He has a mighty grip and he loves to get ling's attention. he is quickly outgrowing his clothes because he is so long, he is wearing 6 and 9 month onesies and pants in the waist but he is so long he needs 12 months for the length. We have started planning mason's first birthday because it is just around the corner!! And we are looking forward to the upcoming holidays!! This week will be celebrating Mason's first thanksgiving and i know that we have so very much to be thankful for this year!! I can't wait for Mason to get his first taste of homemade thanksgiving dinner!!

Playing in the office while mom works

At the Southern Christmas Show

Excited for my bath, watching my tub fill up!

Waiting with bath toy in hand