Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mason's 11 month update a little late!

I'm a little behind on mason's 11 month update but there are just so many new things happening in our lives. In the last month Mason has become a confident well balanced walker! He walks EVERYWHERE all the time now and rarely crawls. He got his first pair of real walking shoes this month from stride rite, they are so adorable and stay on his feet well. He has also learned to stand up on his own without pulling up on anything. He is speaking some new words, the newest is "ahh-ohh" he says it everytime he drops something on the floor. Here is his current list: mama, daddy (no longer Dada), nah-nah (my mom), hey, bye, hi, eee (tree), baba, Go, and something that sounds like no-no but he says it more like (neh-neh). He waves all the time now and especially if someone says hello or bye-bye he waves. He shakes his little head side to side like he's saying no but he doesn't actually mean no, he just thinks it's cute. If you ask mason where his tongue is he will stick it out at you and if you ask where his paci goes he will stick his tongue out. He also likes to scrunch his nose up and snort at you, it looks so mean but he knows it is funny and loves to do it for attention. He loves music and likes to dance and bounce up and down when he hears any kind of rhythm. He also loves to try to sing a long with songs and will humm and make little noises that mimic the sounds. Mason has two new teeth coming in on the top next to his two front teeth. He really understands so many words and things that we say and do. If you ask him where the fish are he will look at the fish tank then walk over to it and wave at the fish. If you ask him where the Christmas tree is or where ling ling is, he will look at it or walk to it. He is eating so many new table foods, lately he loves his organic cereal/nutrigrain bars and cheerios with a fruit puree for breakfast, he has 4 bottles a day with 6 oz formula and an ounce or two of regular organic whole milk to transition him from soy, for dinner he has two vegetables and some of our dinner. He also has cereal for snacks during the day and eats a lot of things that we eat now too! He is drinking out of sippy cups with no problem other than he is a little messy with them compared to bottles, so we are still giving him his milk in bottles sometimes too. His favorite toys are still any type of cars or trucks, he loves pushing them around the house and he loves the wheels. He naps once in the morning and once in the afternoon on days that we are home. He likes to have his paci for his naps and he likes to have his glow seahorse on and his light up elephant on while he naps. we have to run two fans during nap time and bedtime because he is still a very light sleeper. He goes to bed around 8:30 and wakes around 8 am if nothing wakes him up earlier, occasionally he will sleep till 9 or 9:30 am. He is still wearing 9 month pants in the waist but needs 12 month length. My best guess is he weighs about 20 lbs. He is quickly outgrowing his rear facing car seat because his legs are so long. He loves to watch "Olivia", "toot and puddle", "the fresh beat band", and "Mrs. spiders sunny patch". Mason loves to play in the mirror, he likes to explore the house and he now will walk to his room, open the gate, and go into his room and play, then open the gate and come back out. He is such a happy little guy and everywhere we go people remark how happy he is, and they are so right. Mason is so very friendly to everyone he meets, he smiles and waves at people in stores and places we go, he makes everyone feel so special and when they talk to him he just lights up and gets so excited he kicks his legs and waves his little arms in the air in excitement. He is so delightful to be around and has such a great personality.

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