Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

I just can't believe the 4th of July is here already. Almost every single year since i started middle school, i can remember going to fireworks on the 4th at pinelake country club in mint hill. Sitting on the green and watching all the kids of every age and size, running, playing, laughing and giggling, chasing each other around, dancing in the grass and playing with sparklers. It has always been my idea of the perfect family 4th of July and i always hoped that one day when i had children of my own, that we would be there too, watching them run and play on the soft green grass waiting for the fireworks. And last summer i remember being pregnant and thinking that it wouldn't be long before that was us with our children on the 4th. And now I'm sitting here shocked and amazed that today is my baby boys first Independence day. Mason is almost 6 months old, and he is crawling, babbling, eating baby food, holding his own bottle, laughing, sleeping through the night, sitting on his own, and getting his first tooth and i am truly amazed when i look back at how much has changed since i gave birth to my precious baby in January. I wonder what next years 4th of July will be like for us in the Greene house. I can safely assume that Mason will be walking, talking, eating big boy foods, and have changed so much it will make me want to cry. Who knows by next summer we may even be planning another baby Greene to add to the family. All i know for certain is that Landon and I's life has totally changed in the last year and it has changed for the better, and by next year i am sure it will have changed even more, but we are living our dream, having a family of our own and raising our son, which is the most precious gift. I am so thrilled to get to share in Mason's life all his joys and accomplishments, growth and milestones, it makes my life feel so much more rich and full. So today on the 4th i am so thankful for all the men and women who have served and are currently serving our country to protect our freedoms, it is because of them that i am able to live the kind of life that i do with my husband and son. And i am so thankful to them for protecting the future of our nation, for it is Mason's future as well. And I'm also thankful today to my Lord for blessing me with this wonderful life and wonderful family.
These are pictures from July 3rd when we decorated Mason's stroller and walked in the "peoples parade" in dowtown Matthews!

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