Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Boys Night In, Mommas Night Out

Last night my two boys had a night in together. They had the house to themselves just the two of them, while my mom and i went out and enjoyed the new Eclipse movie. A friend gave me two free tickets to an early screening the day before it came out, it was such a nice thing for him to do for me and all because he knows how much i love the twilight books and the movies too. It was absolutely wonderful to go to the early screening, we went at 9 pm and were out by 11 pm, on our way out we noticed the hoards of people sitting in a roped off section of the theatre lobby waiting for the midnight showing. I was glad that i didn't have to wait in that kind of chaotic mess just to see it. And i was so thankful that the majority of the movie goers in the early screening were adults, or were accompanied by adults and were very quiet and respectful, which meant we were really able to enjoy the movie to its fullest. Now, if i could just find the time to read my new book "the short second life of Bree tanner" an eclipse novella.

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