Thursday, November 18, 2010

10 month update

10 month old Mason is keeping Landon and I on our toes every minute. He is doing so many new things these days and is busting with personality and charisma! Mason has totally mastered waving and for the last several weeks he is constantly waving at everyone and everything. He will wave at most anyone and even wave at buildings, lights, figurines, the TV, and anything else that looks interesting. He will still occasionally say bye-bye and it has gotten very clear and understandable, it's so adorable to hear his sweet little voice! In addition to mam, dada. gaga, and geh he has started saying "hey" (it's his own little version of hey, but Landon and i know that is what he is saying because he will say it back to you when you say hey and he will say it while waving. He has also learned to turn his wave into a knock. And he loves to knock on his toys, walls, windows doors, and even other kids and people. Yes, Mason crawled right up to one of his favorite story time pals at the library and waved at him then knocked on his head a couple times. It was one of the funniest things and all i could do was apologize to the boys mom, but she thought it was humorous too!! Mason has really turned into quite a character lately, well he has always been a character but his personality is really coming into his own as of late. He really loves to be around other people and truly lights up with the most magnificent smile when someone pays him attention. He is such a delightful little fella and just truly the happiest baby you will ever meet! Mason is getting so close to walking, everyday he takes a few steps on his own and Landon and i are on the edge of our seats waiting for him to take off on his own. He will walk all over the house holding onto one of our fingers and loves to push his pushcart all over the house but he often runs into the furniture and the walls and docent know how to get around it so he will just plop down and play with the wheels. He LOVES wheels!! He seems to know what trucks are and he will turn over anything that has wheels on it and spin the wheels. He still LOVES his sesame street table and will bang on it while watching TV. He tries to mimic the "la,la,la-lala-lahhh" and has also started mimicking a lot of the words and sounds that Landon and i say. He seems to really understand a lot of things we tell him or say to him. He also likes to "sing along" while you sing. And just today i caught him wiggling and bouncing while the "toot & puddle" song came on, it was so adorable and my heart melted to see him wiggle his little booty. I hope that he will have a love for music and dancing, like his dad and I! He is eating a lot more table foods, he can eat cheerios, chopped spaghetti, little pieces of ground beef or turkey, mashed potatoes, soft cooked veggies like pieces of cooked carrots and peas, he can eat rice and loves to have anything we will give him off of our plates while we are eating. he can feed his self a lot of things that you put on his tray for him to pick up. He really enjoys feeding himself and loves to eat his food at the table along with everyone else. He is also drinking nearly all of his formula out of his sippy cups. He LOVES his bath time and we have a lot of fun at bath time now because he is big enough to sit up in his tub and play and splash with his toys. Landon and I both love to sit and watch him play during his bath time and he is always in such a great mood after his baths! At his last Doctors visited he weighed a little over 19 lbs. He is going to bed around 8pm and loves getting his teeth brushed before bed, he has to have his glow worm or light-up elephant to get to sleep at night time and nap time. I have been sneaking into his room occasionally to see him sleeping with his face down, knees tucked under, rump in the air and head under the blanket. When you see how he sleeps in his crib it is the most adorable thing. He wakes on his own somewhere between 6:30 and 9:00 with no explanation for the 2 and a half hour difference. i love the 9 am mornings and hate the 6:30 mornings. he loves to play with Ling and will grab up one of her toys and tug back and forth with her while giggling the whole time. He has a mighty grip and he loves to get ling's attention. he is quickly outgrowing his clothes because he is so long, he is wearing 6 and 9 month onesies and pants in the waist but he is so long he needs 12 months for the length. We have started planning mason's first birthday because it is just around the corner!! And we are looking forward to the upcoming holidays!! This week will be celebrating Mason's first thanksgiving and i know that we have so very much to be thankful for this year!! I can't wait for Mason to get his first taste of homemade thanksgiving dinner!!

Playing in the office while mom works

At the Southern Christmas Show

Excited for my bath, watching my tub fill up!

Waiting with bath toy in hand

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