Monday, March 29, 2010

Quick Update

I don't have long to write this because Mason is in his swing and I can tell that his boredom will set in soon! But i would like to mention a few things that have occured over the last few days!! Friday morning i put mason on his play mat to play and he intentionally rolled his self over onto his side, for the first time. He looked at his self in the mirror on the play mat and smiled and coo'd then rolled back onto his back, and then to his side again, and back onto his back, and onto his side one more time, each time smiling and all but laughing at his accomplishment. It was the most adorable thing. And i was so happy to be there to see one of his "firsts". I called landon immediately to share the news and Landon was so excited and wished he could have been there to see it!! On Saturday Mason did it again for his daddy to see and Landon and I were both so proud. I know it may seem like a small accomplishment, but when your 10 week old does something intentionally versus accidently for the first time, you realize how much they are growing and developing and it's a wonderful feeling!

Well i knew that time in the swing would be short lived. So now i have my little boy sitting here on my lap while i attempt to type this with one hand. lol. It's amazing how as a newborn the swing was a lifesaver for us and soothed and entertained mason for hours at a time. That first month or so i don't think we could have made it without our graco sweetpeace swing that has a semi circle side to side rhythm. we could put him in it and he would instantly quit crying and fussing and he would fall asleep so quickly and easily while in it, and he could litteraly sleep for hours and hours on end. But these days the swing that was once our saving grace, is no longer as entertaining. In fact, it seems to bore him and if you put him in it he starts to cry and fuss. It's kinda sad that he is out growing the precious little newborn swing and now prefers his playmat instead. My little boy is getting so big.

Saturday morning my mom got back in town, and she and i took mason to Matthews for thier Easter celebration in the park, as i pushed masons stroller past the egg hunt, i couldn't help but think about how next year mason will be big enough to walk around and hunt easter eggs with his cousins. i'm looking forward to that, but at the same time i'm enjoying the fact that right now my baby is still a baby, and i'm realizing it won't be long till he's a big boy. One of the big perks to mason being such a wee one, is that he is yet to have any fear of large furry creatures, and therefore i was able to get his picture made with the Easter bunny. He was very good and didn't mind this strange thing holding him one bit. I just hope that he is not one of those kids who fears pictures with santa and the easter bunny in the future, i know my niece mady is 7 years old and scared to death of the chuck e cheese "rat" (as she calls him) and is apprehensive about the wierd looking men we tell her are santa claus each year, and it's gotten to the point that her mom never gets any pics anymore. So this years pic with Mason and the easter bunny was a pleasant experience for us, and hopefully it won't be our last. lol. And here are some pics!

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