Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Update

So it's Tuesday and i'm just now getting around to posting about Mason's first Easter, but better late than never, i guess. So Friday night Mason slept in his crib for the first time all night. He did wonderful, he was so peaceful and quiet, and i was the one who didn't sleep as well, because i was constantly up and down checking on him. Although he was ready to start sleeping in his room, i was still apprehensive about it because it soothes me to have him in his bassinet near my bed and know that if he needs me i'm right there. I enjoy listening to him snore at night and in the mornings when he starts waking up and i'm still not ready to get up for the day, i love being able to reach over and poke his paci in his mouth, which soothes him back to sleep for another couple of hours. These days we sleep till about 8 am which is wonderful!! But the decision to start putting Mason in his crib came out of necessity. Mason has outgrown the soft little bassinet that fits in the top of his pack n play. I started noticing that his little legs were hanging over the edge and i felt bad for him, it couldn't be very comfortable anymore. So for a couple of nights we put him in the bottom part of his pack n play to sleep, but after he napped so well in his crib on Friday, we decided to give it a try, and he did great!! He doesn't sleep quite as long as before but he'll wake up at about 7 and i will get up and give him his paci and turn his mobile on and he will lay in his crib and kick and play (till about 8 and then he's ready to get up and eat) and I get a little extra sleep.

So Sunday was Easter and my mom, brother, sister-in-law Christy, nieces Madison and molly, and Christy's parents came over to Landon and I's house for lunch. Landon had to go into work that morning, so Mason and I got up and were busy cooking and getting things ready before my family got there. I put Mason an Easter basket together for his first Easter and it had a brown and orange bunny, 8 glittery eggs, a peter cotton tail book, a Benjamin rabbit book, and a bunny friends book, it had some squeaky both toys, a bunny card from Landon and i, and a sugar egg that you look inside the hole in the end and thier is a bunny made of icing on the inside
(we always got these growing up and it is one of my most vivid memories of Easter as a child, i always found the delicate dainty sugar eggs with the beautiful surprise scenery inside them so fascinating i really hope to continue this tradition for Mason and i hope he grows to enjoy them as much as i did as a child) his basket also had a lamb lollipop which i bought more for looks and because i got each of the girls one too i couldn't resist a blue lamb for my sweet boy. My brother and Christy brought the girls over early and my mom and i spread a blanket out in the yard and let Madison, Molly, and Mason have the Easter baskets that my mom made for them. Madison held Mason in her lap and showed him what was in his Easter basket before she even looked at her own basket, it was very sweet, she is such a great cousin and takes a lot of pride in being Mason's big Cousin. Mason got a baby genius Mozart and Friends DVD and CD and a baby genius lullaby's CD and he got a "my first bible stories" book, and a bubbles egg (blue), and a cute little turtle bath sponge which mason held and mouthed on a little. We enjoyed sitting in the yard with the kids while they opened their baskets and played, then we had lunch (honey ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, cream corn, deviled eggs, potato salad, rolls, baked macaroni and cheese, sausage and cheese dip, banana pudding, and confetti cake) after lunch we hid 54 Easter eggs for the girls to hunt, Landon came home from work and had some lunch, then the girls hid eggs for Landon and i to find, it was pretty competitive. Then Landon and i hid the eggs again for mady and molly to hunt and we all sat outside and watched them ride their new bikes that they got for Easter. It was a wonderful Easter, and after everyone went home Landon's mom Annette came over and visited Mason. At the end of the night we capped it off by putting Mason in his crib and Landon and I snuggled up on our bed and watched "Life" on the discovery channel.

Mason, Madison and Molly Getting Easter baskets from Mimi Lisa

The Easter Basket Landon and I made him

That was pretty much the end of our Easter weekend, My mom is home this week on spring break and Mason and I have been enjoying having her home and going fun places together, it is a taste of how great the summer will be when she is out of school and we can enjoy hanging out this summer with her. We also started back to the Y last night and agreed to hold each other accountable for our diets, exercising, and drinking our water everyday!! My short term goal is to lose 30 lbs by July, and another 20 lbs by September. I don't know how realistic those goals are but if i can stick to my diet and exercise everyday without giving up, i know that progress is inevitable and i can be satisfied with knowing that eventually it will happen. I want to think of my diet as more of a lifestyle change regarding the foods i eat and portion size, and i want exercising to be a lifestyle change as well, it's not something i want to do for a few months to loose weight, it is something i want to do on a daily basis permanently. I just need to stay focused and remember my goal, which is to get back to the old me, feel confident and comfortable, and to be healthy for Mason, so that i can have the energy and stamina to keep up with him and to live a long and healthy life so i can be around to watch him grow up and i want to teach him to be a healthy and active person. I was always a very active person, this weight has come on me since high school and has been so gradual that it has just gotten away from me!! Mason is wonderful motivation and so is Landon! So i am going to wrap this up because i have got to do some healthy grocery shopping at Trader Joes and then get ready for Zumba at the Y tonight!!

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