Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Nearing the 5 month mark

People are always telling me that when you have children "time flies" and they grow up so fast, but it is so true. I can't believe my little boy will be 5 months next week. I feel as though we just came home from the hospital with him. But he really is growing and changing so very much each day. Last month at his 4 month visit he weighed 13 lbs 7 oz. and they had us start him on rice cereal. It really has been fun for Landon and I both to get to sit down together every night and feed mason. It is funny how we both look forward to something so mundane as feeding Mason a few tablespoons of rice cereal and applesauce each night, but it is our 10 minutes of family time that the three of us spend together every night and i love to watch our little guy learning to eat, and so does Landon. It's amazing how much Mason brightens our lives and how his silly little actions never fail to make us laugh and smile. Mason just loves to eat, the first time we fed him, he was tired and grouchy and he pretty much cried the whole time, but now he loves to eat his cereal and applesauce and he gets mad when its all gone!! Here are some pics of the first time mason had cereal!!
Mason is getting so big, right before my eyes, he spends his time trying like crazy to sit up on his own, this child is going to have some amazing abs because anytime he's laying down he lifts his head and tightens his body trying to sit up, it is so cute, and with a little leverage he is able to pull his self into a sitting position. He also has amazing head and neck control, he will reach for you to pick him up now, he can grab things he wants like toys bottles and his spoon when your feeding him. Everything now goes to his mouth, still no teeth but he is constantly chewing on his fists and knuckles, he loves to suck on his thumbs and fingers. He constantly rolls over and pushes his self up into a crawling position, and over the last few days has begun to belly crawl on the floor and bed, this boy will be crawling everywhere very shortly, I'm sure. He can stand with support and pull up into a standing position from sitting or laying.
He now loves his jumperoo, will play in his crib with his mobile on, likes to lay on our bed and roll around while watching his baby Einstein movies, he has a new bean bag that my mother in law bought him and he enjoys sitting in it and watching TV but not for very long periods of time, he will swing occasionally in his front to back swing, but he has sadly outgrown his side to side graco sweet peace swing and his little bassinet, so Landon and i sadly packed those up last week and put them in the attic, i guess we will have to have another baby to get our moneys worth out of them. lol. We are still having daily tantrums if mason is bored or tired, he often fights his naps and i have to rock him in the recliner to get his to fall asleep and quit crying. He loves to grab a hand full of your shirt or hair when he is sleepy, and he will rub his little eyes when he's tired too. I am hopeful that one day the crying won't be as frequent as it is right now, he does wonderful when we spend our days out of the house, but at home he gets bored and fussy frequently.

In other news, we are taking our first family vacation this weekend!! Hooray!! I'm so excited to report that the Greene family will be going to the beach this weekend. Landon and i have not been on vacation together since May 2008 and that seems like forever ago. This will be Masons first real beach trip, since he never even saw the beach while in Charleston with my mom and i. Landon and I both really need this little getaway to relax and have some fun outside of Charlotte. And i am so thrilled to be taking our sweet little boy to the beach together. We plan to leave Thursday night and stay the weekend, it will be just a short and sweet weekend trip but i am very much looking forward to having some quality time with my husband and son, just the three of us!! I will post more when we return!!

Another exciting thing happening around here is that I am planning on returning to UNC Charlotte this fall to finish my degree in Elementary Education. I had planned to return to school for a semester last fall but i was expecting the arrival of Mason and decided that there was too many things going on in my life preparing for Mason that it would be extremely hard for me to put my focus on school. Plus i could not imagine myself in my third trimester (so close to my due date), trying to waddle around campus. So i am pleased to report that i met with an advisor this past week and resubmitted my praxis scores, and I'm all lined up to register, just as soon as the school processes some of my paperwork (which hopefully they will hurry it up bc it is taking forever and classes are filling up). I will be going two days a week starting in August and Landon will be keeping Mason one day and my sister in law will hopefully be keeping Mason the other day (fingers crossed because i don't have a back up). But i am really looking forward to going back to school, because it is so important to me to finish my degree. It will take me about 3 semesters plus student teaching but i am constantly amazed how fast time truly does fly, and i know that if i can just get back on it and stick it out, eventually i will finish. I also have found an online masters degree in education that i hope to obtain after i get my bachelors, but obviously I'm taking it one step at a time, and will be thrilled just to finish my bachelors degree.

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