Monday, June 28, 2010

Peas and Carrots

This morning I put Mason in his room for a little play time, i spread a small blanket out on the floor for him and laid him down to play. He immediately rolled over and started trying to crawl. He has been working on this for several weeks now, and i really think he has about got the hang of crawling, no joke. He has been army crawling for a good two weeks or more, and he really is becoming a mobile little creature. if you put him down he can travel at least 10 feet, by army crawling, scooting on his tummy, and rolling. I am becoming aware of how much this is going to rock our world around the house, once he is on the go for real. There are just so many changes now that he is 5 months old. He has started eating solids, organic only. At 4 months we started him on rice cereal with applesauce mixed in, and now he is eating carrots, peas, pumpkin, and is about to add sweet potatoes and bananas to the menu. He gets his usual 5 bottles a day (he is able to hold them his self but i still help) plus applesauce with cereal in the mornings and a veggie in the pm. He is a great eater and the only thing we've not had a liking for thus far is the peas, but he loves his carrots. lol. Fingers crossed he will be a veggie lover for life. I'm about to take on the new adventure of making his baby food myself, this should be an interesting experience, I'll let you know how it goes. He is starting to babble a lot and will say BABABA. If you say it to him he will repeat it back. We are working on teaching him to associate it with his bottle, and are encouraging mama and dada but no luck so far. He LOVES baby einstein videos still, he likes to nap on his side on the bed facing me and cuddled up, he loves to scratch at your face, especially mouth and eyes, and even more so when he's sleepy. He is no longer too interested in his mobile. He is waking around 6:30 or 7 am now which is brutal, But Landon did however just install some new dark curtains in his room and I'm pleased to report that the last two morning we have slept till 8 ish and 9 ish which i am praying will be the new trend. He laughs a lot now, he thinks ling-ling is hilarious especially when she fetches with Landon and when she hacks up a hair ball he will just giggle away. He also finds Landon pretty funny, but me not so much. He is very smiley and sociable and really tries to ham it up when other people talk to him or pay him attention, he loves strangers. He is also loving his jumperoo and we just purchased a new walker which he also loves to play in. Everything under the sun is sure enough going straight to his mouth and he is still drooling buckets, and gnawing on his fist, tonight Landon and i both thought we felt something hard starting to poke through his bottom gums, we are hoping it is a tooth and not our imaginations playing tricks on us. Mason is still obsessed with our pooch ling-ling and she is still not entirely sure if she wants him around or not, most days she is a little playful and a little grouchy towards him all in the same day. We are still struggling with napping at home, he gets fussy and has to be rocked or held until he gives in, out of sheer exhaustion. He naps beautifully when we are out shopping, so we shop a lot.... pretty much daily. He is growing so fast, at our last check he was 14 lbs and 26.5 in long. We graduated from the baby tub to a bath seat in the big bath tub, tonight was our first time trying it and I'm happy to report it was a great success and so much easier than using the baby tub in the sink. He is just too much of a wiggler now and also loves to kick and splash in the water which has been soaking our counters, ourselves, and our floors. So i highly recommend the aquababy bath ring if you need a new option, it's a plastic seat that suctions to the bottom of the bath tub and you just sit them in it and wash them. It along with our new rinse cup with a rubber side that you press against their foreheads to keep the water from going into their eyes while you rinse their hair, have both been absolute life savers, and well worth the money. Well that pretty much wraps up my update on all of Masons big changes now that he is a 5 month old!! I'll let you know if we have any news on the possible tooth!

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