Tuesday, April 13, 2010

3 months old

So we are home from our weekend trip to Charleston SC. it was a great trip, we got there on Friday afternoon and spent hours looking for a hotel room, we were going to book one before we left but my mom wanted to just book it when we got there which was a bad idea because there was a sailboat race going on that weekend and some type of convention so all the hotels where we usually stay over on patriots point, mt pleasant near isle of palms, were all booked and the one place that had a room available was the masters inn and it was such a hole, the room was a smoking room and we just couldn't have that with the two babies and my mom and i's terrible allergies, so we drove around and around looking for a place to stay and it wasn't looking like we were going to find an alternative and finally the red roof called us back with a cancellation and luckily it was for a non smoking room. By the time we got checked in it was already 4:30 pm and it didn't leave us much time to enjoy our trip so we decided we should go ahead and stay a second night. we went out Friday night with mason and Madison and went to market street to look around and do some shopping then we rode down to the battery and when we tried to get out to walk around the nats were literally attacking us to the point that we couldn't take pictures, the kids were crying, it was miserable, so we gave up and got back into the car and drove around and looked at the battery from our car windows. Saturday we spent the whole day enjoying everything from market street, to the battery, to the pier and the park, king street, and east bay st, and went to isle of palms to the beach shops, and to eat dinner at coconut Joe's, then Madison and i walked on the beach some, but it was too windy to take mason so my mom sat at the restaurant with him. So mason has still yet to have his first beach experience, but he did get to see a lot of Charleston!! Sunday we did a little last minute sight seeing then came back home!! Mason did great on both the drive there and home, he didn't cry once! I can say that it was good to be home though on Sunday because Mason and i both missed Landon sooo much!! The whole trip i just kept reflecting back to Landon and i's last trip to Charleston a couple years ago, and i kept wishing that Landon could be there with us, it wasn't the same without him!!

In other news, Mason is three months old today!! It's crazy to think my little boy is 13 weeks old and was born three months ago to the day! He is growing so fast, he has started lifting his head and shoulders up off the bed and he leans and his head and neck forward when in the car seat and when your holding him. He has started not only rolling onto his side but is trying to roll completely over face down. When we put him in his crib with his head to the left and feet to the right he is completely turned around with feet to the left and head to the right side of the crib when we come back to check on him, sometimes he has turned his self from laying length wise in the crib to width wise. It is so funny to go check on him and to find him in these different positions!! i wish i could be there to witness just how he gets his self into these positions!! he is just such a joy each and everyday, but i'm afraid he is becoming spoiled to mommy holding him and playing with him, he wants to constantly be entertained and now it not only bored by the former beloved swing but also his glorious play mat has not been holding his attention and he only plays for a couple minutes on it before crying!! he was playing on it earlier today with some of the toys with the circle links attached to them laying on the floor on the play mat and when i came to get him, he had one of the toys with the link around his bicep lol. My only saving grace for holding his attention lately has been the crib and mobile, but unfortunately the mobile only plays for about 20 minutes before cutting off and then i have to drop whatever i am doing and haul it into his room to turn it back on before he starts to fuss!!! i really wish he was more content entertaining himself! maybe one day..... i can hope right!?!?

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I so want to go to Charleston. Sounds like a lot of things to see and do but I'll be sure to take lots of bug spray when I go. LOL