Monday, April 19, 2010

Like Father Like Son

So I have been meaning to post about the amazing bond that i see forming right before my eyes between Mason and Landon!! Everyone says that little boys have a special bond with thier mommas and I do agree that Mason is very attached to me and that i am a special person to him, but he also has a special place for his daddy!! When Landon comes home, Mason will smile and light up at the fact that his daddy is there and is talking to him. He loves when Landon takes him to look in the mirror at the two of them, and Landon loves getting his hands on Mason as soon as he gets home from work and likes to cary him along with him as he waters his plants outside and tends to his new vegetable garden!!

It fills my heart with such happiness to see the two of them together, and i know that as Mason grows up, they will have even more special things to share and enjoy together!! On Tuesday night i got home from working out at the YMCA and Landon had just got home from work, so he watched Mason and was going to start to work on dinner while i got a shower. I knew Mason was tired and fussy and that it would probably be hard for Landon to cook dinner while watching Mason, bc he has recently gotten so spoiled to being held, so i highly doubted that dinner would be done when i got out unless mason was in his crib crying, however i was suprised that when i got out of the shower the house was quiet and when i started looking for my two boys i found them in the kitchen, Mason was sitting in his bumbo on the counter top watching landon cook dinner, and Mason was suprisingly happy. It was such a cute little sight so i took some pics to remember it!

Then later that night Landon laid Mason on our bed while he folded laundry and Mason fell asleep, and when i came in a few hours later they both were sleeping peacefully, so i snapped some pics of my two favorite fellas before i put Mason in his crib!!

Thursday i went to the gafney Outlets with my bestie Erika, and we took both the babies!! It was a lot of fun, they had lots ofcute stuff, and it was our first outting with both the baies since Erika's little girl was born!! Izabel is turning a month old this week and I just can't believe it!! It is amazing how fast time flies by when you have babies!! I feel like Mason was just born and yet he will be 14 weeks old tomorrow!! But here are some pics of Mason and Izabel together!

And here are some pics of out beautiful yard now that spring is in full swing and our azeleas are bloomed!! (notice ling-ling our puppy runningthrough the pics)

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Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle said...

Awww!!! That is the sweetest thing!! Can't wait to see you guys on Friday!!

Oh and your yard is BEAUTIFUL!!! I try to keep ferns on my front porch but I hate watering them. hahaha