Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sun and Fun

Tuesday Night i took Mason to the indoor pool at the Y for the first time. He looked so adorable in his swim suit and surf shirt (see the pics below). He seemed to like being in the water, it was heated but i thought it was still a little on the cool side compared to normal. When we got in, i eased his little feet and legs in and he seemed to immediately notice, but he had the funniest expression on his face, he didn't smile or laugh and he didn't cry or look unhappy, he just seemed content and like he was really watching the other kids and taking in his suroundings. We didn't stay very long at all, i was really paranoid about the other kids that were splashing and jumping in the pool, i didn't want water in his eyes, and i was a little worried about him getting cold, so we were only in the pool for a short bit, but it was a fun experience and i know he will enjoy it more and more the older he gets, i'm really looking forward to taking him to the outdoor pool this summer, they have a shallow wading area that will be so much fun to play with him in.

Tomorrow is a big day, My mom and i decided on a whim to go to Charleston SC for the day and take Madison and Mason. I'm so excted my mom will get to be there for Mason's first beach trip, but i wish more than anything that landon could go with us, but due to his work, it's just not possible. I will really miss him and I know Mason will too, this will be the first time in a year that i've spent a night away from Landon. I hate being away from my husband, and i really wish we could take this trip together, but this is a much needed vacation and we are only going for one night. I just can't wait to get out of town though, and i love Charleston, it is one of my most favorite places!! I've been trying to pack tonight and packing for mason is such a daunting task, he just needs so much stuff!! I'm taking his pack n play for him to sleep in, and his bumbo and his play mat, and a hundred or so outfits bc i have no idea what the weather is like or what we are going to do while there, i had to wash and pack all his bottles plus a basin, sponges, and towels so i can wash and dry all his bottles to use again on saturday, i have to take his gallon of water, his formula, and i am determined to stick to my diet which is always hard when traveling and vacationing so i packed a lot of my diet food in a cooler to take too (and i have already lost 3 lbs in 3 days so i'mnot going toblow it now). i just hope all our stuff fits into the car in the morning! we are going to leave bright and early but i will post pics and an update on the trip once we get home!! i know it will be a great trip and i'm excited to go, but i'm also looking forward to comming home to my wonderful hubby!!

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Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle said...

Hey girl!! It's Amy! I just love your lil blog. It's so cute!! I need to meet little Mason ASAP!! Have fun in Charleston!! :)