Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I've been slacking

14 weeks 2 Days

I'll admit that i have really slacked off on posting new things to my blog. It all started last Thursday, Earth Day, when i had every intention to update my blog about my Earth Day resolutions, but then ended up terribly sick the entire day. Friday i started feeling better, and my wonderful hubby was off work so we went out and bought mason a new jumperoo thing for him to play in and we also went to two saltwater stores and bought some rock and coral for our tank. Then Friday night we were busy and Saturday and Sunday too, and now here it is Wednesday and i am just getting around to posting. So i am going to back track to last Thursday when I was so inspired by Earth Day that i decided to make some changes in the way my family and i are living in order to help the planet. Every year i want to do something to make a difference and before i know it another year has passed and i wish i had done more, i wish i had lived more "green" and so i am really very determined to make a bigger change this year than in the past. Last year i started recycling, it was something i wanted to do for a long time but we didn't have a recycling bin and when i would put our recyclables into a regular plastic bin, the garbage people would dump it anyways, instead of leaving it for the recycling truck. So i am happy to report that we now have two recycling bins and my goal is to become a better recycler and to learn more about what i can recycle, because I'm sure that there are things i am throwing away that could also be recycled. I also plan to educate my family about recycling and encourage them to all start. My other goal is to use reusable bags instead of plastic shopping bags. I've seen so many disturbing things that show how our plastic grocery bags are polluting our environment and our oceans are being devastated by plastics contaminating the water, it is really terrible and so wasteful. There are actually cities that have completely done away with plastic bags all together and only use paper or reusable bags (Sanfrancisco i believe is one of them) and i think this is something every city should start doing. I have plenty of the reusable bags and my resolution is to put them in my car and a couple in my diaper bag and to quit using plastic bags. I also want to start using more natural cleaning products in my home. Now that i have mason, it's important to me not to expose him to a lot of chemicals when we are cleaning and mopping, i want to start buying all natural products to clean and disinfect with, this resolution may take some time to implement because it requires purchasing all new products which can be expensive so my plan is to do it a little at a time each shopping trip until we replace everything in our house with eco friendly products!! We are all ready using natural soap for his baby bottles called "dapple" and also some of the Clorox green products to clean with. We are also growing our own vegetables and although Landon is doing all the work, i am happy that this is one more way to live more green and to save some money in the process. Another change i am trying to make is to be more diligent about leaving lights and TV's on in the rooms that i am not in. I am so bad about this, i love to leave the TV on for ling ling while i am gone during the day, it makes me feel better about leaving her. I also tend to leave the TV on from the minute i get up until i go to bed and sometimes leave both the TV in my bedroom and in the living room on at the same time. I also always leave lights on in other rooms that I'm not even in. This is going to be a hard habit for me to break but i can't wait to see the difference it will make in our power bill. Well, i know i could go on and on forever talking about ways to be green and why i think it is so important and i could discuss for hours all the horrible problems facing our oceans and wildlife that i have been learning lately, but i am going to wrap it up for now and maybe one day soon i will post more about the issues on my mind and give an update on how my resolutions are going!

On to other things! My weight loss plan is still in place but, being sick last week really threw me off track, i only wanted to eat plain foods like rice, mashed potatoes, etc. and it was really a lot of carbs for me. I gained back 3 lbs over the course of the weekend. Eating with friends and family didn't help either. But i am back on track again and am only 2 lbs away from being back at what i was before i got sick. Last night i cheated at dinner but it was worth it, i had dinner with an old friend and i really couldn't believe just how long it had been since we had last saw each other. It was great to see her again though, we talked for hours and could have easily stayed and chatted longer, there was just so much to talk about but i guess that's to be expected when you go so long without seeing someone. I have really missed her, we used to have so much fun together, and i really hope we can become better friends again! She is very easy to talk to and on the way home i wondered if i had talked to much, i have a bad habit of talking peoples ears off sometimes, lol. But i hope that she and i can hang out like we used to, because she is very down-to-earth, and funny, and she loves to shop as much as i do, and we always had a lot in common and liked similar things!! These days my girlfriends are few and far between, and i really miss a lot of the friendships that i have let slip away over time! I really hope to be better about that in the future, and not loose touch with the few friends I've got, and i hope to be able to reconnect with some of my old friends too! I think sometimes we just get so caught up in day to day life, working, kids, bills, money, and then we spend all our free time with our spouses, and we forget how important friendships are!! And lets face it, having friends takes work, you have to make an effort,or else you do grow apart!!

So it appears that May is shaping up to be a busy month for the Greene family, we have two weddings, I'm doing the hair for one of them, we have two cookouts, Landon's birthday, a party for a our friends little girl who is turning one (i just can't believe she is 1 already) and mothers day (this will be my first), Masons 4 month Dr's appointment, and so much more, our calendar is starting to look chaotic!! lol. But i am excited for summer to be approaching!! My cousins are both having babies at the end of the summer in September and they just found out they are both having girls!! It's going to be very exciting and mason will have cousins close to his age but i was hoping one would have a boy so mason would have a playmate, but everyone i know with kids his age have girls!! so he's going to learn early on how to treat little girls! lol! I'm very happy for the two of them though, because i think deep down they both really wanted girls!!! I really hope our next one is a girl, because Landon said two is it for us!! lol so keep your fingers crossed for down the road!

Saturday we added some new additions to the Greene household, in our saltwater tank that is! We added an anemone and two percula clown fish! Here are some pics!! And the rock is new too, we added that Friday!

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