Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rollie Pollie and a slobbery Thumb

So yesterday was a big day for my little Mason, he had another milestone accomplishment!! Mason rolled all the way over onto his tummy for the first time!! He has been rolling onto his side for a while now but yesterday morning while he was playing on his play mat and i sat in the floor with him while i gabbed on the phone to my friend Erika, Mason rolled himself onto his side then all the way over onto his face and then pushed with his arms and held his head and shoulders up off the floor and looked around, then he started to cry (because he realized he was on his tummy which he hates) so i was totally elated but since he was crying i picked him up and laid him back onto his back and ran to get my camera. When i got back into his room he was on his tummy again, he had rolled while i was gone, so i put him onto his back and he did it again right before my eyes!! i was so proud and all i could think was how proud Landon would be to see this new trick!! I sat and waited for him to do it again, hoping to catch it on video on my point and shoot camera, but he didn't do it again, he just laid there and cried and i knew he was tired and ready for a nap! So after his much needed nap and a bottle, I put Mason in his crib to play while i got his bath ready and when i went to get him undressed he looked as though he was going to attempt to do it again so i whipped out my camera and after a few unsuccessful attempts he finally did it, 3 times and i got them on video for Landon to see!! I was so happy to have caught one of his "firsts" on camera!! Here are some pics! and I will attempt to post one of the short videos but who knows if it will work with my crappy computer being as impossible as it is!!

The night before last Landon and i were sleeping and i kept hearing this weird noise over the monitor, i couldn't figure out what it was and so i went to check on Mason in his crib to see what was going on. I found him with his legs out of the swaddle blanket and sticking up in the air and his hands out of the top of the swaddler and him sucking loudly on his thumb!! The swaddle blanket was pretty much just wrapped around his middle and he was contently sucking away on his thumb which i have not seen since the first time i held him in the hospital!! It brought so many memories to my mind!! Well even though Mason is not normally one to suck on his thumb, he has been known to put his hands in his mouth and suck when he cannot find his paci, but lately the hand to mouth issue has come to be an "all the time" kinda thing! He now prefers his hand to the paci and will drop his paci out so he can fit his fist in his mouth and rather than sucking on it, he seems to gnaw on it! He has been unusually fussy, and running about 1-2 degrees of a fever. I may be wrong but i think he could be teething. The signs seem to be pointing to that! He's only 3 months old (14 weeks to be exact) is that too young? Your opinions are welcome and appreciated!! He doesn't go back to the Dr till his 4 month check in May, so i am curious to know now if it's even a possibility!!

My little boy is growing so fast and changing so much each day!! Before i know it he will be running around and into everything!! And i will need as much energy as possible to keep up with him because he is already a busy little boy!! I have been sticking to my diet with the exception of a few meals where there wasn't much of an option to eat what i needed to, and i have been exercising regularly at least 3 times a week!! I am happy to report that i have lost 7 lbs and i am well on my way to meeting my 10 lbs per month goal. There are 10 days left this month and i have 3 lbs to go in order to meet my goal!! I have been loosing about a lb per day, so losing 3 more lbs shouldn't be too hard! I'm very proud of my self, and i know that reaching these short term goals will ensure that i loose the total amount i want to loose long term!!

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I'm getting a pedicure tonight so I might try that charged up cherry!!! Thanks!!!!!

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